Chaifetz Group employs a flexible investment approach. From early stage venture to later stage capital, we provide tailored solutions to fit all stages of a company’s lifecycle. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and management teams use capital from Chaifetz Group to start and growth their businesses, as well as for liquidity, recapitalizations and management buyouts. We consider both minority and control investments and are always active participants with our portfolio companies.

Venture Capital

Chaifetz Group employs a selective and focused approach to early stage investing, centered around businesses with visionary leaders where our capital and operating resources can uniquely accelerate traction and growth.

We are typically the first institutional investor and help set company direction, including business strategy, structure, and governance. Our proprietary capital base allows us to support our portfolio companies as they mature and grow.

We seek to make investments in businesses that meet the following criteria:

Business Characteristics
  • Visionary founder(s) and management team
  • Clearly defined customer problem and solution
  • Targeting large addressable markets
  • Technology focused or enabled
  • Scalable and capital efficient business model
  • Clear drivers of revenue and profitability
  • Efficient go-to-market sales and marketing strategies
  • Recurring revenue
Industry Sectors
  • Business and commercial services
  • Digital media
  • Education and training
  • Enterprise focused software and services
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare services and wellness